부이는 일반적으로 '부표'를 의미하는 단어인데, 여기서만큼은 특별히 해양관측용 부이만을 지칭합니다. 부이는 노란색 몸을 갖고 있는데, 지나가는 선박들이 행여나 보지 못해 충돌하게 될까봐 그런 것 같습니다. 올해 초 우연히 바다에 떠 있는 부이 사진을 보게되었는데, 저는 그 즉시 매료되고 말았습니다.

'Buoy' is a word that commonly means 'floating mark', but here it specifically refers to buoy for the marine observation. It has a yellow body, whose reason seems because passing ships can crash, if not seeing each other. Earlier this year, I happened to see the picture of buoy floating in the sea, by which I was immediately fascinated.

오, 나의 ㅂㅇ 2023, 단채널 비디오, 흑백, 사운드(스테레오), 62분. / 가변 크기, 아크릴과 물, 300X100X30cm

This work was created, based on the inspiration from a buoy for marine observation. I experimented building a relationship with Buoy through an attempt to interpret and personify Buoy with keywords of memory, love, and language(communication). This is also an effort to learn the response ability that humans should have as long as they live in relationships with various beings such as humans, animals, plants and machines. But the approach I tried ,which is anthropocentric, may be possibly corrected through self-reflective review.

The yellow tank containing seawater embodies Buoy, which wholly holds the sea as an object of love. The video shows a BUOY as a remembering being, a loving being, a communicating being and first of all, as a reading being.

구름, 사랑의 관측술, 가죽끈 2023, 종이 위에 인쇄

(글의 전문은 아래 링크)

나는 ㅂㅇ다 2023, 단채널 비디오, 컬러, 사운드(스테레오), 10분